The most advanced platform for training in organizations with Virtual Reality and Haptic Gloves


Effective VR Training for Business

What we do?

We redefine how organizations train their teams using haptic gloves and immersive virtual reality experiences, where hands play a critical role. This is not about classic Virtual Reality for familiarization, but actual training and certification for B2B.


Industry 4.0

Digital twin for controlling robots with your hand and interactive, collaborative training from a remote location



We are experts in the creation of Virtual Reality Training for Isolators


Space & Defense

Try out new cockpit designs and test usability of new tools in real time!


Medical & Research

From creating the next generation of rehabilitation in VR to addressing core needs of research in academia

What are the benefits for your company?

Sensorial XR delivers real word simulation of complex training environments. It allows you to improve your staff performance in companies of all sectors.


Cost and time savings

Save time and money in product design and prototyping. Reduce cost by improving the construction process and testing in a VR environment.


Collaborative work

Standardize your training sessions, so that all your company’s employees, no matter where in the world they are based, get their hands on the same experience.


Measurable Insights

In addition to helping to improve performanceit, allows you to share experiences and knowledge. You can also improve your process measure in real time their progress.


Immersive Job training

Let’s gather together in the same virtual space, thanks to Sensorial XR. Especially oriented towards training and education, it allows you to share experiences and knowledge with your won hands.


Avoid unnecessary risk

The best way to avoid a risk is facing the risky situation in a previous safe ambient. You can now avoid your staff risk by making them train in a VR environment.


Perfect skills

VR can help you better understand the topic by actually completing tasks in a simulation. Using VR for training your vocational skills is not only very cheap but also extremely useful.

Increase efficiency & Productivity

Virtual Reality is the best tool for training and process training. Remote collaboration, fast, measurable, scalability and secure. Businesses today operate at a relentless pace. There’s no time for mistakes or downtime, making training important than ever. Immersive Learning allows employees to practice on demand, feel safe while practicing and receive immediate feedback. Ultimately, this increases preparedness, ensures expertise and builds confidence.

Virtual Reality is the best tool for training … if hands become the actual controllers

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You have an innovative project to change the world. The R&D department in your company has the budget, the idea and the decision to carry out disruptive changes to improve the way of working, learning, communicating and interacting. No matter what your sector it is, if you have a project aiming to improve the daily life thanks to Extended Reality, we want to help you.